CosmoLex Certified ConsultantCosmoLex has introduced the legal world to a practice management solution that truly does it all. The turn-key, single-login solution to running your entire law practice is finally here. CosmoLex puts everything within an intuitive practice management environment. That includes billing, workflows, document & email management, credit card processing, legal research AND both back office and IOLTA trust accounting.

At Time & Cents Consultants, we are CosmoLex Certified Consultants AND Accounting Partners which means that we can not only configure CosmoLex correctly for your exact needs, but our accounting professionals can also work directly inside your CosmoLex account to manage your bookkeeping and create compliant financial reports on-demand. There’s no need to spend hours “getting ready to see my accountant” because we can view your transactions, monitor your books ongoing, and prevent small discrepancies from becoming big headaches. When you’re looking for one partner to be your go-to support for your entire practice, contact Time & Cents Consultants. We can set up your CosmoLex trial, or you can start by learning more here.