Cloud Storage Options – choosing the right one

There are many options for storing data in the cloud, even if you are working with desktop software. But which one is right for you? Security an capacity are just two factors to consider.

My friend William Murphy, Senior Editor for Insightful Accountant, recently published an article looking at Dropbox, OneDrive, Google Drive and SugarSync. You can read his observations at Is Cloud Storage Right for You? If So, Which One?

Still trying to decide? Want to know how this might work with your practice management solution? Contact us and we’d be happy to help.

Attorney Billing, Time-Tracking and Invoicing on the Go: Top Software/Apps and Best Practices

Want to learn more about billing and time-tracking?

I am excited that my colleague Laura Kennedy and I will be giving a live Audio Webinar Tuesday, July 11, sponsored by National Business Institute. 

To find out more about the class and register online check out:

NBI offers continuing legal education for professionals.


Time & Cents Consultants Caren Schwartz Receives 2017 Top 100 ProAdvisors Award



Honored to announce that Caren Schwartz has been named a 2017 Top 100 PROADVISOR by Insightful Accountant, an independent news and information source written specifically for the small business advisor who needs to stay current on the latest news and offerings in accounting technology, including updates from Intuit, Xero, Sage and the hundreds of Add On products serving the small business.

This list recognizes the leading consultants who have embraced the ProAdvisor program and have leveraged it in order to better serve their clients and grow their own business. “We’d like to congratulate everyone who made this year’s list,” said Insightful Accountant Senior Technical Editor, William “Murph” Murphy. “We had several new people join the ranks this year.”

“This is the fourth year of our PROADVISOR awards,” said Insightful Accountant Publisher and Managing Partner, Gary DeHart. “Each year the competition continues to grow and we appreciate the hard work and efforts of all of our winners.”

Timeslips changes support policy – Important information for E-Center users

Timeslips has announced that effective August 1, 2017 they are changing their support policy. Previously, Sage provided support on the current version and two versions back. Effective August 1, 2017, they will only be supporting the current version and one back.
What does this mean to you? If you are using E-Center it means you will have to upgrade at least every other year as once a product goes off support it will no longer work with E-center. It also means that if you want to get support from Sage you have to upgrade every other year. Consultants, such as myself, will generally provide support regardless of version.
Your options are:
– Purchase an upgrade every other year at current prices
– Switch to Timeslips Premium. This is a subscription which includes support and all updates. However, if you choose to discontinue your subscription your database will become read-only. You can switch to a perpetual version at the current price.
– Purchase Sage Business Care. This option will provide updates to Sage Timeslips perpetual license version and give you support (the amount depends on the level purchased).
Unsure what to do? Please contact us and we can help you understand your options.

CosmoLex Update – Accounts Payable

Tracking what you owe and when you need to pay it is important for all firms. You want to make sure you pay the bill in a timely manner to avoid interest and, if discounts are offered you want to take advantage of the discount. At the same time you want to manage cash flow and not pay before you need to.

For law firms there are additional factors to consider. Is the bill being paid from IOLTA or operating? Has the client reimbursed for the expense yet and can you wait to pay until the client has paid? Is the bill a responsibility of a client and the firm is managing it pending settlement?

With it’s latest cloud update Cosmolex has added Accounts Payable to it’s product functionality. This important feature addresses managing all aspects of Accounts Payable.

Rather than reiterate all the capabilities here, I recommend you check out Robert Ambrogi’s excellent blog article and the press release from Cosmolex. Cosmolex has also created a white paper that explores the various aspect of managing Accounts Payable in a law firm. The white paper is worth reading whether or not you are using Cosmolex as it explores the concepts that affect Accounts Payable in law firms in a product neutral manner. You can find it at Accounts Payable – What Lawyers Need to Know

QuickBooks Online (QBO) for Accountants

Looking to learn more about QBO? Are you an accountant working with QBO for your clients? Whether you want to become certified, or just better understand how to work with the software Intuit is offering free training in cities around the country. For dates and locations visit and click on In-Person training. If you have clients using QBO, or want to, or want to become QBO certified – don’t miss this.

While your there, check out the QBO Advanced Certification training, Firm of the Future classes and the virtual conference.