Amicus 2010 overview

Recently, Amicus Attorney Software released their 2010 program versions.
If you are running older versions of Amicus that are no longer supported (versions ’07 or earlier) or if you plan to purchase a new computer with Windows 7, it is a good idea to upgrade now.
New enhancements to the calendar, files and contacts are designed to make you more productive.
The ability to color code appointments and To Do’s allows you to quickly spot the information you need.
Don’t miss a deadline with “Progressive Priority”: As a deadline nears, the priority level of the To Do will automatically increase.
Track adjournments more easily with the new appointment adjournment history
Ensure client privacy by allowing access to appointment details while limiting access to the files.
With Premium edition, calendar printouts have been improved
Automatically generate action items when opening a file – generate standard documents, or require an automatic check for conflict of interest.
Communicate with clients more easily by using a single click to generate an addressed envelope or letter
Create contact records more quickly by copying and pasting information from a business card.
Maximize staff availability through the new sign in/out monitor within Amicus Attorney 2010. Each staff member can record when they left the office, their availability and when they expect to return to the office.
Amicus Attorney 2010 Small Firm Edition :
Immediately locate your key contacts, files, notes and documents through bookmarks.
Additional enhancements to Amicus Attorney 2010 Premium Edition include:
Easily change firm group assignments
Preferences allow staff to open more than one office at a time when logging into their own Amicus Office.
Filter contacts by multiple groups
Easily change the type of an individual file while maintaining custom fields
Enhanced right click menu allows you to quickly perform frequently used functions
Customized phone dial settings from communications preferences.
If you are thinking about upgrading, please call us for a quote and/or a demonstration.

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