Amicus Attorney 2016 Premium Released

Gavel & Gown has released Amicus Attorney Premium 2016. We expect a new release for Amicus Attorney Small Firm to follow in the near future.
Premium 2016 has a host of great new features that customers have been asking for. Users will benefit from expanded document management whose power is significantly greater thanks to being integrated with their practice management solution, as opposed to stand-alone tools. Version control and document previews are just some of its new features. The ultra-secure Amicus Client Portal now offers more extensive means for client collaboration, with unlimited custom fields allowing easy matter opening, data collection and sharing of any information that is appropriate to the client’s case. The billing component of Amicus Premium also received a number of enhancements refining its capabilities and further streamlining billing process making them effortless and highly intuitive. There are many more features as well.
If you would like more information on Amicus Premium 2016 please contact us or visit the website at
If you are thinking of upgrading, we will help you get the right solution at the best price.

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