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Cosmolex Gets New Features and Look

The strength of Cosmolex has been it’s inclusion of billing and accounting, no other software needed. Now, Cosmolex has expanded the capabilities to offer additional functionality and it is targeting mid-market firms beyond the solo to 5 user for which it has been known.

Cosmolex has introduced a new user experience along with new features. The new features include custom search and additional reporting options, as well as the ability to create and report on custom fields. Cosmolex has also added the ability to download a database of Cosmolex merge fields and then add these fields to word templates for document assembly.

You can read more about what’s new in an article published by our friends at Insightful Accountant. Or contact us for information, a demo. You can also sign up for a free trial.

Conversion Pointers

Thinking of converting? It is rarely easy and getting the data converted is only one part, you also need to set aside time and funds for training.
If you will be involved in a conversion, there are some important things to consider. Even if you aren’t doing the conversion work, these pointers may smooth the process and help you understand any limitations. Please check out my article at Insightful Accountant Conversion Tips

Customer Support – The Experience

How do you provide good customer experience? As a consultant this is something I strive for. As a user of software, and other products, I am often on the receiving end. My recent experience led me to think about what makes for a good and bad customer experience. You can read more in my Insightful Accountant article.

I hope that most of your customer support experiences have been good! I’d like to hear from you on what I can do better. I know I am still striving and invite your feedback – but I won’t be sending out 2 question surveys.


Becoming a Law Firm Trusted Advisor – Part 6

Previously, my colleague William Murphy and I have published a series of articles on Becoming A Law Firm Trusted Advisor. The topics included:
Understanding the business of law
Trust Accounting
Billing and Compensation
Handling costs
Practice Management
In this latest article we look at measurements and compensation.
You can read the article at Insightful Accountant – Becoming A Trusted Advisor Part 6


Becoming a Law Firm Trusted Advisor – Part 4

Do you work with Law Firms? This article will help you understand the proper tracking and allocation of costs. Becoming A Law Firm Trusted Advisor – Part-4
This article is the fourth in our series. All of the articles, and much more, can be found at The Insightful Accountant. – Concepts associated with how law firms perform their billing, –  Responsibilities surrounding Client Trust and IOLTA Trust requirements. – The importance of ‘Law Firm Trusted Advisors’ having a thorough understanding of ‘the business of law’ as it relates to their attorney clients

Becoming A Law Firm Trusted Advisor – Part 3

In our latest article in the Insightful Accountant, William Murphy and I explore billing. The article looks at the ways in which lawyers get compensated and what to look for in billing. If oyu work with law firms or want to, Becoming A Law Firm Trusted Advisor – Part 3 will help you understand the profession and take the steps to become a Law Firm Trusted Advisor.