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Tabs3 Subscription Offering – You have a choice

Many firms like to buy and “own” their desktop software. But some firms prefer the idea of paying a monthly fee rather than a big initial outlay. Tabs3 has recognized the need for flexibility and choice for those firms considering their Platinum SQL products. Now you have a choice and can choose the pricing plan that is right for you.

Tabs3 Platinum SQL products offer additional features like Tabs3 Connect, HotBackup, AutoRecovery and eNote, along with taking advantage of the 64-bit capability of  computers. These features can make even small firms more productive. For some firms the initial outlay was a deterrent to gaining these benefits. Now Tabs3 offers the ability to get these features at a monthly price. You still choose the modules you want – Tabs3 Billing, Tabs3 Financial and/or PracticeMaster.

If you have been thinking of going to Platinum SQL, let us know, we can give you a quote and help you decide what is right for your firm.



Tabs3/PracticeMaster with QuickBooks

Our latest post in the series Software for Law Firms on the Intuitive Accountant is now available. If you are thinking about using Tabs3 for billing with QuickBooks for your accounting, or are just interested in reading about choices, this article will help you.

You can find the article at Tabs3/PracticeMaster Intuitive Accountant article.

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