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Tabs3 Subscription Offering – You have a choice

Many firms like to buy and “own” their desktop software. But some firms prefer the idea of paying a monthly fee rather than a big initial outlay. Tabs3 has recognized the need for flexibility and choice for those firms considering their Platinum SQL products. Now you have a choice and can choose the pricing plan that is right for you.

Tabs3 Platinum SQL products offer additional features like Tabs3 Connect, HotBackup, AutoRecovery and eNote, along with taking advantage of the 64-bit capability of  computers. These features can make even small firms more productive. For some firms the initial outlay was a deterrent to gaining these benefits. Now Tabs3 offers the ability to get these features at a monthly price. You still choose the modules you want – Tabs3 Billing, Tabs3 Financial and/or PracticeMaster.

If you have been thinking of going to Platinum SQL, let us know, we can give you a quote and help you decide what is right for your firm.



Timeslips 2018

It’s July and it’s time for a new version of Timeslips. Timeslips 2018 is scheduled for release on Tuesday, July 18, 2017.

We are often asked “Should I update?”. The answer is usually “it depends”. Factors like what version are you currently running, and what is your operating environment are as important as looking at the new features. While you may have heard rumors that Timeslips is going to a subscription model, this is not true. As Timeslips certified consultants, we can sell you a perpetual license version, with or without a support plan, or a subscription version. The choice is yours and we can help you choose.

This year there is an additional factor. Sage has announced that they will only be supporting the current version and one version back. Therefore, as of August, only Timeslips 2018, 2017 and Premium (subscription version) will be supported. If you are running E-Center or accepting credit cards through Sage Timeslips, you will need to be on a supported version. Upgrading while on a supported version is also less expensive. If you are on an older version of Timeslips and running Windows 10 or Office 2016, or planning to, it may be time to upgrade. Similarly, for larger firms that have not yet upgraded, the additional capacities and performance benefits of the newer versions mean that it may be a good time to upgrade.

Timeslips 2018 also offers some new features.

  • Quick Bills allow you to build a bill all in one screen. When you are billing a one time client, or just trying to get one bill out, this feature can speed up the process.
  • Fee Allocation expanded. Previously Timeslips was limited to three categories for fee allocation reporting. With Timeslips 2018, this has been expanded to 10 categories, adding more power and flexibility in reporting.
  • Set the start day of the work week. This setting affects reports that total amounts by week and lets you set a work week that matches how your firm measures a week.
  • Timeslips shows hints in name lists when My Lists are active. While a small thing, this will probably save many calls to consultants. Have you ever looked at the client list and known that people were missing but can’t determine why? When my list is active, your lists are filtered based on your assigned names. This was sometimes activated by mistake or activated and forgotten leading to frustration in finding those missing names. Now a simple reminder will help you know to change to all, and “find” those missing names.
  • Option to show contact email addresses on pre-bill worksheets
  • New bill layout options to control page break before consolidated bill summary
  • Improved performance
    • If your database includes a lot of consolidated bills, opening the Reprint Bills list (select Bills > Reprint
      Bills ) could be slow. You can now unmark the ‘Show consolidated projects separately’ option to
      improve performance.
    • You can use the Split Billing Rules dialog box (select Bills > Split Billing Rules ) to maintain split
      billing. If you have a lot of rules, this list could open slowly.
    • When working with timesheets, the list of timesheet templates (select Slips > Time Sheet > Slip
      Templates ) loads much faster.
    • Fee Allocations report and Fee Allocation by Period report have been optimized to generate much
    • Timekeeper Collections report and Timekeeper Collections by Period report have been optimized to
      generate much faster.
  • eCenter Data Transfer Utility is now part of Timeslips, making it easier to use.
  • View all reports on one list and “search for report” field. This can be especially useful if reports have been moved from default locations

Many of these features were previously added to Timeslips Premium, so they have already been tested. If you would like to review the system requirements, please go to Timeslips system requirements

If you want to know if upgrading is right for you, get pricing or have questions about the new features, please contact us at We are happy to help.


QuickBooks 2017 – Coming Soon!

QuickBooks 2017 is scheduled to start shipping before the end of September.

If you are running QuickBooks 2014 or below, you should update as you are not on a supported version. If you are running a newer version, then you should look at the new features and decide if upgrading makes sense for you.

  • Scheduled Reports – the ability to automate sending reports via email at scheduled times
  • Search Enhancements – making it easier for you to find the information you want with search and filter improvements
  • Report Improvements – view and print information showing the filters used to accurately communicate what is in the report. More easily select multiple records
  • Security Improvements
  • Minor Features/Improvements
    • Record Deposits icon will now show the number of deposits waiting. This can help reduce problems in the undeposite funds account
    • Cleared flag on your credit card charges
    • Company name prints on the deposit summary
    • Copy / Paste detail lines on weekly timesheets
    • Multi-user to Single-user Mode Enhancements – built-in option with real time chat to logged in users to make it easier to get users out
    • High Resolution Monitor Support

There have also been a number of other improvements that are limited to QuickBooks Enterprise.

If you would like more information on these enhancements, please contact me, or read the articles by William Murphy at the Insightful Accountant or by Charlie Russell at the Accountex Blog.

William Murphy – QuickBooks 2017 New Feature Tour

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ScanSnap – Scanning and Reducing paper

I recently realized I am an equipment geek, when I was offered a chance to test a Fujitsu ScanSnap ix500. Working with PracticeMaster and many other applications, the ScanSnap has made it easier for me to get rid of paper. You can read about the ScanSnap in my Insightful Accountant article at ScanSnap

For more information of a demo, contact me! I’d be happy to share my experience.

Amicus Attorney Software Changes – Updated

A few months ago Gavel & Gown, the maker of Amicus Attorney software was acquired by the owners of Abacus. At that time things continued as they had been, with the exception of Ron Collins at the helm of Gavel & Gown. Now big changes have been announced. You should be getting formal notification but here are the high level changes.

Amicus Attorney Small Firm and Credenza software are being discontinued. This is not a big surprise as Gavel & Gown had been encouraging users to move to Amicus Cloud or upgrade to Amicus Attorney Premium, and development on these products had slowed in recent years. If you are using either product, please contact us for a no obligation discussion of your options. For 30 days, free migration is being offered to Small Firm customers. The 30 days is effective starting today (August 12). For users of Credenza, 60 days after your August 2016 renewal date the data will become read only.

For users of Amicus Attorney Premium edition the announcement is that, effective immediately, Amicus Attorney Premium edition will only be available on a subscription basis. This means if you want to upgrade, or add licenses to your current version, you must move to the subscription basis. The subscription version will include Amicus Advantage support and Amicus Anywhere access. Users of Amicus Attorney Premium with a subscription for 10 or less users will be able to run on their own on premises server. Larger firms will need to run on Abacus Private Cloud.  We are happy to speak with you about how these change will impact your firm and to provide pricing.

This  announcement is new and information is still developing. Please call Caren at 203-254-7736 for specifics on how it impacts you.

CosmoLex – Cloud-Based Billing and Accounting

Law firm? Looking for a cloud-based integrated billing and accounting system? Maybe some practice management functions as well? CosmoLex should be on your list. Most cloud based billing and practice management solutions integrate with QuickBooks. But sometimes you want to only deal with one vendor and not worry about links. In that case, your list of options is much shorter. But a short list, doesn’t mean you can’t get what you want and need. Read my review of CosmoLex at Insightful Accountant to know if you should look further. Or contact us to help you find the right solution for your firm.