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Technolawyer Top 25 Products Awards

Every year Technolawyer comes out with their top 25 product awards list. The list for 2015 is available now at Technolawyer Top 25

What is Technolawyer? It’s a group of free online newsletters.

If you are a lawyer and have even a mild interest in technology, you should be reading Technolawyer. It’s a free publication filled with a lot of useful information. I learn a lot from the questions and answers of other users. You can choose which newsletters you want to receive.

There’s some interesting products, including document assembly, accounting, time capture and practice management.  To start, I plan to check out Synergy tools.

Are there products you think should have been included? Technolawyer accepts your comments.

Outlook Add-in Not Working

My colleagues Robert Rice and Seth Rowland recently reported problems with Outlook links to Time Matters and Credenza not working, even though everything was setup properly and appeared to be active.
Upon closer inspection Outlook was found to be in Safe Mode.
The problem was traced to a recent update KB3114409. Uninstalling the update seems to cure the problem.
If you are having this problem please speak with your IT about uninstalling the update.
Note this update was designed for Outlook 2010 and has been pulled by Microsoft.

Look out for Phishing email

There’s a phishing email, purportedly from Intuit, making the rounds. Please be careful.

Here’s a link to the the Intuitive Accountant article. The title involves Credit Card declined.

Anytime you get an email from Intuit or other companies asking you to provide information please read carefully and make sure the email is real before you reply.

You are welcome to call us to verify.

Spam & Robocalls – Take back your time

Spam and Robocalls wasting your time? This Intuitive Accountant article, Limit Spam & Robocalls, by me and William Murphy gives you some ideas on how to get back control.


Timeslips 2016 – Big Changes – Updated August 2016

Timeslips is changing. For years we have been limited by the Borland Database Engine and Paradox database. There were limits on slips and large number of simultaneous users could mean performance concerns. Timeslips is changing to Firebird SQL, offering far greater capacities and better performance in networked environments.

There is another big change, there will be two versions of Timeslips – Timeslips Premium and Timeslips 2016. There are two key differences in these versions. First, Timeslips Premium will use the new Firebird SQL offering greater capacities and better performance for larger networks. Timeslips 2106 will use the same Borland/Paradox we have used for years. The second difference is how the product is sold. Timeslips Premium will be sold on a monthly or annual subscription basis. There will be a provision for accessing your data if you discontinue your subscription but it will no longer be a one-time purchase. The subscription price will include technical support and updates and, depending on the level you purchase, e-center licenses. Timeslips 2016 will be sold as in the past where you purchase the software with the ability to purchase annual updates.

You can find more details in my article, including key excerpts from the license agreement, at the Insightful Accountant – Timeslips 2016

If you have questions about these changes, or would like a quote on upgrading, please contact Caren at 203-254-7736 or your local certified consultant.

Should I switch from Amicus Small Firm?

If you are currently using Amicus Small Firm edition perhaps it is time to think about a change. I am not suggesting you get rid of Amicus! What I am suggesting is a platform change.
Gavel & Gown has three practice management offerings – Amicus Small Firm, Amicus Premium and Amicus Cloud. While support for Amicus Small Firm is not going away, it’s not getting much in the way of new features and functions. All of that is going to Amicus Cloud and Amicus Premium.

So first you should decide if the time to move to the cloud is now. The transition from Amicus Small Firm to Amicus Cloud is relatively easy. In addition to the features you know and love you will get billing, exchange integration, much improved precedents and powerful document assembly capability. Plus with Amicus Cloud you never have to worry about backups or upgrades, they are all taken care of in a secure environment.

But not everyone wants to go cloud. For those who prefer to stay on the desktop you should look at Amicus Premium. Amicus Premium offers improved communication internally and externally. First there’s the client portal. This offers secure document sharing with your clients. If you are currently using Dropbox or a similar service to share you might want to read the license agreement. Client portal is easy to use and portrays the professional image your firm wants their clients to see. If you do want to keep using Dropbox, Amicus Premium offers integration.

Amicus Premium also offers improved integration with Exchange so that your calendar and contacts are always in sync with your devices. There is also an option for automatic synchronization of calendar and contacts with Google.

Granular security insures that everyone can do their job but data is protected where appropriate. You can keep users from seeing data they shouldn’t see or changing data.
With AmicusAnywhere (part of Amicus Premium with a maintenance plan) you have access to most of your data from anywhere that you have Internet access. This gives you cloud capabilities while maintaining the desktop environment. You can also easily enter your time from anywhere you have Internet access with AmicusTimeTracker. No more excuse for forgetting the time. But just in case, there’s Time capture to review what you’ve done that has not yet been billed.

Amicus Premium offers unlimited custom fields. Because it is SQL based you can use SQL Reporting Services to create all kinds of reports. There’s also Amicus Premium Billing for tightly integrated billing and integration with QuickBooks.

You’ll be pleased by how comfortable you will be in Amicus Premium. It is the same structure and approach to practice management as the Small Firm Edition, with a similar workflow and interface. There’s also a cleaner, more modern interface available.

If you’re thinking it’s time for an upgrade we can help you decide what’s right for you and thenhelp you get there.

Note: AmicusAnywhere, TimeTracker and Client Portal require an active maintenance plan.