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Timeslips and QuickBooks a case study

QBPluggedIn is a resource for business owners looking for solutions. in this issue you can read my article “Sage and QuickBooks are Shaking Hands Daily for this Lawyer”, along with articles on transitioning to the cloud, maximizing business efficiency and much more.

QuickBooks Tips and Tricks

Intuit has released QuickBooks Magazine Fall – Winter 2016 issue. It includes some great QuickBooks tips & tricks, including two provided by me. These are one fraud reductions and date shortcuts.
All of the tips & tricks can be viewed here.

QuickBooks 2017 – Coming Soon!

QuickBooks 2017 is scheduled to start shipping before the end of September.

If you are running QuickBooks 2014 or below, you should update as you are not on a supported version. If you are running a newer version, then you should look at the new features and decide if upgrading makes sense for you.

  • Scheduled Reports – the ability to automate sending reports via email at scheduled times
  • Search Enhancements – making it easier for you to find the information you want with search and filter improvements
  • Report Improvements – view and print information showing the filters used to accurately communicate what is in the report. More easily select multiple records
  • Security Improvements
  • Minor Features/Improvements
    • Record Deposits icon will now show the number of deposits waiting. This can help reduce problems in the undeposite funds account
    • Cleared flag on your credit card charges
    • Company name prints on the deposit summary
    • Copy / Paste detail lines on weekly timesheets
    • Multi-user to Single-user Mode Enhancements – built-in option with real time chat to logged in users to make it easier to get users out
    • High Resolution Monitor Support

There have also been a number of other improvements that are limited to QuickBooks Enterprise.

If you would like more information on these enhancements, please contact me, or read the articles by William Murphy at the Insightful Accountant or by Charlie Russell at the Accountex Blog.

William Murphy – QuickBooks 2017 New Feature Tour

William Murphy – Scheduled Reports

William Murphy – Search Enhancements

William Murphy – Report Improvements

William Murphy – Minor Features/Major Impact

Charlie Russell – QuickBooks 2017 Has Arrived!

Charlie Russell – QuickBooks 2017 Scheduled Reports



Top 10 Challenges of QuickBooks for Law Firms

Recently I did a webinar, sponsored by Cosmolex on the Top 10 Challenges of QuickBooks for Law Firms.

Are you are a law firm currently using QuickBooks and wondering if Cosmolex, or something else would be better?

Are you thinking about using QuickBooks?

If so, you might benefit from watching this recording of the webinar. I review the top challenges and provide some suggestions on dealing with them in QuickBooks.
At the end Cosmolex shows how they deal with the issues. If you are not interested in Cosmolex you can just end your viewing. But, whether or not your are interested in Cosmolex, the webinar will help you understand the limitations of QuickBooks for law firms and make a more informed decision

The recording can be found at

Questions after viewing – please contact us for help.

QuickBooks Passwords

Many users are finding that when they upgrade they are now being forced to use complex passwords and to change them every 90 days. While this may be annoying it was not done to aggravate you. Intuit did this to make the software compliant with PPI (credit card) and other regulations. The rules require security for credit card information and social security information. So even if you don’t keep credit card information in your QuickBooks file, employee social security numbers and vendors with 1099 information can trigger the requirement.

You can read more about the requirements at

A complex password must be at least 8 characters and contain upper case letters, lower case letters and numbers or symbols.

While you can’t stop the requirement, unless you never update your software, you can be prepared and understand why this is happening.

Note that Intuit recognizes the inconvenience that may be involved, especially for users with multiple files that they log in and out of during the day. They are looking at ways to improve the process. You can provide feedback and ideas through the feedback option in the program.

Legal Billing Shoot-Out

Thinking about whether a legal specific billing solution is right for your firm. Using QuickBooks and wondering if it’s “enough”? If you missed our live session, you can still Join Erica Bristler from Cosmolex and me as we shoot-out QuickBooks vs Cosmolex for billing.
Even if you don’t care about Cosmolex this will help you understand if QuickBooks can work for your legal firm billing and what to look at in evaluating a solution.
You can watch the recording of the webinar at Legal Billing Shoot-Out.

Concerned about accounting. You can watch our Legal Accounting Shoot-Out.