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QuickBooks Online – Client Trust Reporting

Is QuickBooks Online the right solution for a law firm – maybe.

But, If you have made the decision to use QuickBooks Online for your firm, you may need to know how to track and report on the trust account balances by client. I have written about this for QuickBooks desktop, and it can be done with QuickBooks Online, although there are some limitations.

In my Insightful Accountant article Client Trust Balance Reporting for QuickBooks Online, I provide instructions on how to get the report you need in QBO

Before you make a decision on what to use, contact me. I can help you identify the factors you should consider in choosing billing and accounting software. Careful consideration can help you choose the right solution first.

Legal Accounting Shoot-Out

Thinking about whether a legal specific accounting solution is right for your firm. Using QuickBooks and wondering if it’s “enough”? If you missed our live session, you can still Join Erica Bristler from Cosmolex and me as we shoot-out QuickBooks vs Cosmolex for accounting.
Even if you don’t care about Cosmolex this will help you understand if QuickBooks can work for your legal firm accounting and what to look at in evaluating a solution.
You can watch the recording of the webinar at Legal Accounting Shoot-Out.

If you are concerned about billing, you can watch the recording of our Legal Billing Shoot-Out webinar.

Becoming a Law Firm Trusted Advisor – Part 4

Do you work with Law Firms? This article will help you understand the proper tracking and allocation of costs. Becoming A Law Firm Trusted Advisor – Part-4
This article is the fourth in our series. All of the articles, and much more, can be found at The Insightful Accountant. – Concepts associated with how law firms perform their billing, –  Responsibilities surrounding Client Trust and IOLTA Trust requirements. – The importance of ‘Law Firm Trusted Advisors’ having a thorough understanding of ‘the business of law’ as it relates to their attorney clients

Becoming A Law Firm Trusted Advisor – Part 3

In our latest article in the Insightful Accountant, William Murphy and I explore billing. The article looks at the ways in which lawyers get compensated and what to look for in billing. If oyu work with law firms or want to, Becoming A Law Firm Trusted Advisor – Part 3 will help you understand the profession and take the steps to become a Law Firm Trusted Advisor.

Becoming a Law Firm Trusted Advisor – Part 2

For those looking to work with law firms it is important to understand the law firm business. In part 2 of our series we look at Trust accounting and IOLTA requirements. You can read the article at the Insightful Accountant.  If you missed Part 1, you can get caught up at Becoming a Law Firm Trusted Advisor.

Buyers Guide – Timekeeping and Billing Software

Assessing timekeeping and billing software? Sam Glover at has written an excellent Timekeeping and Billing Software Buyers Guide talking about features to consider and comparing a number of programs including Tab3, Timeslips, QuickBooks, Harvest, Bill4Time, Chrometa, eBillity and Timesolv.
While it doesn’t cover every program it is worth a review. After reading the article please contact us. We can help you decide what’s right for you and maybe identify other programs worth considering.