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Outlook Add-in Not Working

My colleagues Robert Rice and Seth Rowland recently reported problems with Outlook links to Time Matters and Credenza not working, even though everything was setup properly and appeared to be active.
Upon closer inspection Outlook was found to be in Safe Mode.
The problem was traced to a recent update KB3114409. Uninstalling the update seems to cure the problem.
If you are having this problem please speak with your IT about uninstalling the update.
Note this update was designed for Outlook 2010 and has been pulled by Microsoft.

Getting More From Time Matters – The Icon Bar

If you work on the computer a lot every click you save can save time and wear and tear on your wrists. When working in Time Matters and Billing Matters you do a lot of clicking.

There are shortcut keys you can memorize or lookup to help you keep your hands off the mouse, but customizing the toolbar to meet your needs can save lots of time.

First think about what you do most – Do you create time entries? Add notes? Add documents? Decide what you want on your toolbar and then begin
Start by Right clicking on the toolbar and choosing Customize

Time Matters Post Pic1

You can customize the standard toolbar, or create your own. You can display multiple toolbars, but depending on the length or each you may lose some screen real estate.  I like to keep the standard and create my own, with exactly what I want.

To customize an existing toolbar just choose that toolbar on the customize screen and start adding and removing buttons. You can also change the order using the Up and Down buttons.

Time Matters Post - Pic2

If you prefer to create your own toolbar click on the … after the select toolbar and then click on Add and enter a name.

Time Matters Post - Pic3

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Once you have added the new toolbar, return to the Options for Individual Toolbars screen and pull up the name of your new toolbar. Then add buttons.  All these changes apply only to you.

To choose which toolbar or toolbars are shown, right click on the toolbar and click on each toolbar to turn it on or off. If it has a check mark it will show.

With buttons like Add Billing or Add Note, you can be anywhere in the program and click on a button to start a new record. If you have a Matter chosen when you select the icon button the new record will open populated with the information from the matter. Use the Add Billing from an event and you will get a record populated with the matter and description filled in from the event.

Customizing your toolbar is easy, and the reward is quick. And if you change your mind, you can always change your toolbar.

Do you need a Client Portal?

What is a client portal and why do you care? Is is worth upgrading your software for this feature?

Read our article in the Intuitive Accountant “Client Portals are the rage, but are they right for you?

Time Matters Merge – Office 365 Click to Run – Making it Work

If you are running Time Matters v13 and Office 365 Click to Run, you may be having problems with the Time Matters merge capability. You can read the thread discussing the issue at
More importantly, Wells Anderson, fellow Time Matters certified consultant, has posted a step-by-step to address the issue. You can read it at Word Merge Fix.
Thank you Wells for this helpful information.

Time Matters v13 – Document Sharing

It is that time of year again; Halloween has passed and the holidays are upon us, and for many firms it is also upgrade or system change time as year-end is on fast approach.
One upgrade that your firm may be considering is upgrading to the new version 13 of Time Matters and Billing Matters. New features aside, there are several changes to support and system requirements that you should be aware of before your firm makes this change.
If you are a Billing Matters customer, you should be aware that the Accounting features of Billing Matters will be discontinued with version 13. For more information regarding this, please see the Billing Matters white paper

Time Matters Version 12 service pack 2 made several changes to compatibility, which also apply to Version 13. System requirements can be reviewed at this Time Matters v13 system requirements. It is also important to note changes in third Party software compatibility at the bottom of the article.

The most anticipated new feature of v13 is the addition of a Document Sharing Portal through a partnership between LexisNexis and WatchDox. Each user inside your Time Matters software can use their email address to create a account. This allows the Time Matters user to share any document that is inside their Time Matters Document Management System (aka that has been saved using the TMSave macros inside Office products and Adobe Acrobat). The WatchDox account is not a replacement for the Time Matters DMS, as each firm is limited to 5 GBs total WatchDox storage for the firm – but it is quick way to share, monitor and facilitate collaboration of documents between your Time Matters system and outside contacts.

All the new features of Time Matters/Billing Matters v13 are discussed in this web presentation by LexisNexis, and the new document sharing portal is also demonstrated.

As with any upgrade, make sure you have proper backups, IT representatives and your Certified Independent Consultant included in your preparation and upgrade. New potential “gotchas” include not migrating your Accounting data BEFORE you upgrade to version 13 as well as not being aware of no longer supported environments and software.

For more information, contact Caren Schwartz at, Kelly Jones at or your personal CIC.

Kelly Jones Bosch is a contributing author to this blog and is based out of Phoenix, AZ. She provides onsite and remote access consulting and assistance to her nation-wide consultant base and is President of BTF Services. She is proud member of the Premier consulting group Circle Management Group Consultants, and has been hired by LexisNexis on several occasions to speak on behalf of the Practice Management products and to train the technical support teams in Dayton, Toronto and Cary.

Time Matters v13 – Accounting Warning

Time Matters v13 is now available. We will be posting details about the features available soon but please remember
Do NOT install v13 if you are using Billing Matters Accounting.
Please contact us to help form a plan to move to QuickBooks or PCLaw for your accounting needs.