Ending my frustration with Windows 7 Search

I consider myself very capable when it comes to the computer but somehow windows 7 search and I think differently. I really missed the search capability in Windows XP and Vista, even the annoying little dog.

Yes, over time I was getting better at getting Windows 7 search to find my data but why should I struggle. I found myself looking through lists because it was too hard to get the filter narrowed properly. Sometimes documents weren’t found when I knew they existed and then I had to resort to other methods to find the information.
Not long ago I discovered a search function that, for me is more intuitive and easy to use. It’s called Agent Ransack.

Agent Ransack, by Mythicsoft Ltd,  is a freeware “lite” version of FileLocator Pro . I haven’t tried to find out what I am missing by using the freeware version, because it does everything I need. I can easily find documents located anywhere on my network and I can quickly limit the parameters.

If you are looking for a new search capability in Windows, you might want to check it out.

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