Kurent – Cloud Based Time Tracking and Billing

Looking for a legal billing solution that is cloud based? Software Technology Inc (STI), well known as the developer of Tabs3 and PracticeMaster, has added a new product to the lineup.

When Kurent was first released a few months ago, we were impressed with the thought that went into the workflow and the ease of use. However, it was lacking some features we thought were essential before our clients would be interested. The key missing feature was batch billing. Now, that has been addressed and we think the Kurent is an excellent choice for those looking for a cloud based legal billing solution, if they do not need trust accounting.

Kurent has an easy to navigate interface. Down the left you have quick access to Matters, Contacts, Invoices, Fees, Costs, Receipts and Reports. Across the top is quick access to add fees, costs, matters and create invoices as well as search and a timer that will capture your time and let you add details later if needed. Most information can be added on the fly.

The Home page gives access to recent activity, recent matters, notifications and “my hours” and “my notepad”. The Firm page gives graphs showing AR, Unbilled Fees or Costs, Cash Receipts, Top Clients, new Matters and Billing History. Ledes billing is supported.

Kurent includes videos to help you get started as well as easy access to support if needed.

If you want to take a closer look you can start a 30-day free trial, or contact us for a demonstration.


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