Peachtree 2012 Update

Spending money on upgrades is rarely the first choice of a firm, but running an older unsupported version or getting new hardware often means looking at updates. When there are new features that can benefit your business, the upgrade becomes appealing.

Sage Software has recently released a new version of Peachtree software.

Peachtree 2012 was designed to make increase productivity by making it easier for you to find the information you need and to resolve issues when they occur.

While Peachtree has long had the ability to memorize invoices or setup recurring transactions, this requires advanced planning and may be more complex than your firm needs. The new ability to copy previous transactions can substantially save time and reduce errors.

Previous versions of Peachtree added the customer management center to allow you to quickly find customer information and improved customer relationship management. Peachtree v2012 takes this the new step and offers the same benefits to vendor management with the addition of a vendor management center. You can quickly find responses to vendor questions and identify relationships where volume might allow you to negotiate savings.  There’s also a new inventory and services management center to provide the information you need to evaluate your business more quickly.

For new users, or those moving into a new area of the program, the Sage Advisor can help you with learning in a friendly, available when you need it environment.

In developing Peachtree v2012 the developers went an extra step to help you keep Peachtree up and running. The new system check feature helps with preventative maintenance and, when errors do occur help is more readily available.

With the use of dashboards users and management can customize the system to show the information critical to them. By adding on Sage Peachtree Business Intelligence users now have the ability to customize real-time data with Microsoft Excel based business reports.

Expanded Payroll Features improved transparency, including the 2010 Health Care Act.

The decision to upgrade to a new version of Peachtree is one best made by the users. We, at Time & Cents Consultants, recommend that our clients be on a supported version. While the definition varies by vendor, it is generally defined as the three most recent versions. With new computers running Windows 7, Office 2010 and new versions of Adobe, upgrading your business applications may make sense.

If you choose not to upgrade at this time, Time & Cents Consultants will be happy to continue to help you for as long as we are able!

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