QuickBooks v2013 Updates

In general I recommend having QuickBooks Automatic updates turned off. This prevents you from problems where one computer gets updated before others are ready. It can also save you from getting software updates that have issues. It is usually a good idea to wait a few weeks after the official release of a service release before installing. Unfortunately this has proved true with QuickBooks v2013 R 7.

I won’t repeat  all the details here, but suggest you read Charlie Russell blog posts at the links below. The problem seems to be an issue only for those who use add-on products and, it doesn’t necessarily impact all QuickBooks add-ons.




If you have installed the upgrade and are having issues you can call technical support. If you would like to roll-back to R6, this is possible. You will need to know your installation code and product number, which you can find by pressing F2 while in QuickBooks. You will then need to download and install the appropriate version of QuickBooks v2013 R6. The paths below are not hot links, so please copy the link you need and paste it into a browser window.


Premier (including Accountant):


If you need assistance with your QuickBooks please call us at 203-254-7736, we are here to assist.

To check or change your automatic update settings in QuickBooks go to help – update QuickBooks. Note that this has to be done on every computer that has QuickBooks installed.

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