Stop Re-keying to Get Reports

Rekeying information from your program to spreadsheets? Trying to create reports from Access? Feel there “must be a better way”?

Software is designed to help you get your work done faster. But too often data is in multiple databases or you can’t get the reports out in the format you want. Maybe the reports are numbers and you want graphs and dashboards. Whatever the reason, your software ends up slowing you down, rather than helping you. When numbers have to be re-keyed, errors are more likely and the process is slowed.
Business Pulse, from 35*45 Consulting, is designed to put you back in control. We pull data from billing, accounting and practice management software and give you the answers you seek. We have already developed dashboards pulling data out of commonly used programs, but we can easily adapt to your software and the reports that you need.

By way of example, the Work in Process Dashboard displays information about all unbilled slips as of the current date. Multiple views are available, including Client, Matter, Area of Law, Originating or Responsible attorney. Summary charts are included and you can drill down to individual items to further understand the data. Need to share? If others don’t have access to Business Pulse, you can send elements of the dashboard to excel or png files for sharing. There’s also a built in screen capture that can be emailed to those inside or outside the firm.

Other already built dashboards include Staff Calendar, showing summary of billable and non-billable hours by day within a month by staff. The Time Spent Dashboard helps answer the question “Where am I spending my billable time?” in a graphical and table format. If you want to see how productive the members of your firm are we also have a Productivity Summary Dashboard and a Productivity Comparison Dashboard.

These are just some examples of the power available in Business Pulse and the standard reports offered. We also offer reports on demand, that allow you to create reports dynamically to meet changing needs.

However, we know every firm has unique needs and specific reports they use. We have a team that can take your report wishes, your excel spreadsheets or your access databases and automate them.

The capabilities of Business Pulse and our team go beyond reports. If you have processes you want to automate, or you think “there must be a better way” let us know and we can discuss how we can help.

You can find more details and examples at These are examples, and every firm has unique needs. Please contact me for more information. Let us know what you need and we can explain how we can help.

Client Work in Process Dashboard


Accounts Receivable Dashboard



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