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Amicus Attorney “merges” with Abacus

You may have seen the article about the merger of Abacus and Amicus. We have been told that it will have no impact on the Amicus Attorney products at this time. If you would like to discuss the announcement, please contact me and I will be happy to have a no cost discussion about your specific situation.
If you would like to read the full announcement, please go to

Should I switch from Amicus Small Firm?

If you are currently using Amicus Small Firm edition perhaps it is time to think about a change. I am not suggesting you get rid of Amicus! What I am suggesting is a platform change.
Gavel & Gown has three practice management offerings – Amicus Small Firm, Amicus Premium and Amicus Cloud. While support for Amicus Small Firm is not going away, it’s not getting much in the way of new features and functions. All of that is going to Amicus Cloud and Amicus Premium.

So first you should decide if the time to move to the cloud is now. The transition from Amicus Small Firm to Amicus Cloud is relatively easy. In addition to the features you know and love you will get billing, exchange integration, much improved precedents and powerful document assembly capability. Plus with Amicus Cloud you never have to worry about backups or upgrades, they are all taken care of in a secure environment.

But not everyone wants to go cloud. For those who prefer to stay on the desktop you should look at Amicus Premium. Amicus Premium offers improved communication internally and externally. First there’s the client portal. This offers secure document sharing with your clients. If you are currently using Dropbox or a similar service to share you might want to read the license agreement. Client portal is easy to use and portrays the professional image your firm wants their clients to see. If you do want to keep using Dropbox, Amicus Premium offers integration.

Amicus Premium also offers improved integration with Exchange so that your calendar and contacts are always in sync with your devices. There is also an option for automatic synchronization of calendar and contacts with Google.

Granular security insures that everyone can do their job but data is protected where appropriate. You can keep users from seeing data they shouldn’t see or changing data.
With AmicusAnywhere (part of Amicus Premium with a maintenance plan) you have access to most of your data from anywhere that you have Internet access. This gives you cloud capabilities while maintaining the desktop environment. You can also easily enter your time from anywhere you have Internet access with AmicusTimeTracker. No more excuse for forgetting the time. But just in case, there’s Time capture to review what you’ve done that has not yet been billed.

Amicus Premium offers unlimited custom fields. Because it is SQL based you can use SQL Reporting Services to create all kinds of reports. There’s also Amicus Premium Billing for tightly integrated billing and integration with QuickBooks.

You’ll be pleased by how comfortable you will be in Amicus Premium. It is the same structure and approach to practice management as the Small Firm Edition, with a similar workflow and interface. There’s also a cleaner, more modern interface available.

If you’re thinking it’s time for an upgrade we can help you decide what’s right for you and thenhelp you get there.

Note: AmicusAnywhere, TimeTracker and Client Portal require an active maintenance plan.

New Year, New Software – Amicus Attorney 2014 is here.

The message this year is mobility and workflow. We’ll focus on Amicus Premium Edition here but Amicus Small Firm has also received improvements.

Do you ever leave your office and then realize you don’t have a document you need. With Amicus Premium Edition 2014 your documents are accessible with Amicus Anywhere. Access your documents anywhere with a web browser. Your documents remain secure at your office but you can get to them. Alternatively, you can use the new integration with Dropbox to get your documents when you need them.

Need to see what you have to do? The new interactive home page helps draw you to important items more quickly.

With Amicus Anywhere you can see your calendar and contacts from any browser. However, many user want data synchronized to their mobile device. With Amicus Attorney Premium Edition 2014 you have more choices. In additional to the traditional Outlook link or Google synchronization we now have Direct integration with Exchange. One note on this new feature – my early testing has shown that, at this time, dashes and other non-numeric characters may be stripped from phone numbers when direct integration with exchange is first turned on. The phone numbers are still there but they don’t look quite as nice. Fixing them is a good exercise for while you are waiting on hold.

Is your contacts list long and unmanageable? Are there contacts that you need to keep on the list but really don’t want to see. The new feature to hide inactive contacts will allow you to clean up your list without worrying about losing conflict checking or history.

If you bill for time, or just want to track your productivity, new enhancements in Amicus Attorney can help. You can now see a visual snapshot of your performance with graphical time sheets. If a picture is worth a thousand words this should be very helpful in staying on track. There’s also a new time entry summary to help identify lost billing opportunities and make sure everything is posted.

If you are using Amicus Premium Billing you can get paid faster as you can now mass email bills. The bills reach your clients more quickly allowing them to pay you sooner.

To learn about these improvements and others, please contact us at 203-254-7736 or visit us on the web at

If you are thinking about implementing a practice management solution or upgrading and product we support, we are here to help. Check out all the software we can help with at

Amicus Attorney 2014

Today Gavel & Gown announced the release of Amicus Attorney 2014. We will provide an article with details on new features in the near feature but here’s an excerpt from the press release:

“Amicus Attorney 2014 has just been released. It comes with a host of substantial new capabilities to help lawyers practice law, with a special emphasis on mobility and workflow. Notable is the new capability of accessing all your documents -anywhere – with a web browser. Your documents are secure at your office on your server, but you can get to any of them with an iPad and Amicus! So you will never get stuck without an important document again. Or if you use Dropbox®, Amicus now has a transparent integration, offering another way to flexibly have access to your documents wherever you are. More mobility has been added with integration at the server level with Microsoft Exchange, meaning that lawyers are always seeing up-to-date, real time information from their Outlook Calendar, Contacts and Tasks, regardless of location or device. The Google® sync has been enhanced to provide the same capabilities for those who use Google apps.

The Billing component of Amicus has also been expanded in 2014, and now lets lawyers email multiple bills to clients in a single billing run, so bills get in the hands of clients sooner and lawyers can get paid faster for the work they do. These are just a few of the many powerful features that were added to Amicus Attorney Premium 2014.

You can learn more at

If you are on a maintenance plan, the new version of Amicus Attorney is included as part of your maintenance subscription. If you have questions about the new version, or about Amicus Attorney, billing or practice management, please contact us at 203-254-7736.

Amicus Attorney – Locked records

Do you use Amicus Attorney? Have you ever gotten a message that a record is locked? Perhaps you are trying to come back online. Or maybe you are trying to edit a File record. Whatever the cause, the message can be frustrating. The good news is, it is usually not hard to fix.

Whichever version you are using the first step is to get everyone out of Amicus Attorney. Once everyone is out log, have the person who experience the error go back in and see if the record is still locked. Assuming it is , here’s some simple instructions that will usually solve the problem.

If you are running Amicus Attorney Premium edition an administrator should login and go to Office – Firm Settings. Click on Utilities – in the Maintenance Section.
– Make a BACKUP. Make sure the backup path is set and click on Backup Now. When the backup is finished
– Look at the bottom section and next to Locked Records, click on Unlock All
Once it is finished, check if the problem is resolved. If not, please try to reboot the server. If that doesn’t work you will need to work with technical support or call us for help.

If you are running Amicus Attorney Small Firm Edition, open the Amicus Administrator.
– Click on Database – Backup to make a backup of your database. When the backup is finished
– Click on Users – Recovery Functions – Unlock All Data.

Once it is finished, check if the problem is resolved. If not, please try to reboot the server or the workstation running the Amicus Administrator. If that doesn’t work you will need to work with technical support or call us for help.

Software for Law Firms – Part 3 – Amicus Attorney

If you have been following our series in Intuitive Accountant, our latest article has been posted. If you have identified your software needs to include billing and practice management, with QuickBooks for accounting, Amicus Attorney is worth a look.

You can read this article at: Intuitive Accountant – Amicus Attorney