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Timeslips v2012 Released – Should You Upgrade

Timeslips version 2012 has just been released and you may be wondering if you should upgrade. The new version features shortcuts to streamline the way you work and speed up your billing activities.

For years, in order to approve a bill and be able to reprint a bill from within Timeslips, you had to print to paper, or use a workaround. This wasted time, paper, ink and money. With Timeslips version 2012 you have the ability to print to PDF without printing to paper, while retaining the ability to reprint bills from within Timeslips.  In addition, you now have the ability to reprint to RTF files.

Timeslips v2012 print to PDF feature offers new options to control how the files are named when saved. This saves time because you no longer have to manually rename files to your standards.

Timeslips has long offered the ability to spell check words which can save the embarrassment of sending out bills with spelling errors. With Timeslips v2012 you can more easily add or remove words from your personal dictionary. In addition you can now choose up to six dictionaries to be used when reviewing text; including American, British, Canadian, American Legal, British Legal and Technical.

To make Timeslips easier to use and tailor to your needs, improvements have been added to features for navigation and to use of general settings and personal preferences.

Need help with collection letters, retainer requests and late reminders and other correspondence? The new mail merge capability has been added to allow you to merge client information with Microsoft Word.

Purge closed client names by using filters, importing client reference settings  and a prompt to create payments from an account when entering a funds deposit for a client with a balance are all features that we know Timeslips users have been waiting for.

Call us today to discuss how any of the new features might improve the way you use your time or for a quote to upgrade your Timeslips to the current version. Please have information on the version you are using, as well as how many licenses you have and how many you think you will need. You can find this information in Help – About Timeslips.

The decision to upgrade to a new version of Timeslips is one best made by the users. We, at Time & Cents Consultants, recommend that our clients be on a version that is within 3 years old.  Many software companies have instituted a new technical support platform that only offers support to clients who have a version that was released within that time.

If you have received a notice from Timeslips that says your software will be “unsupported”, feel free to call us with any questions. If you choose not to upgrade at this time, Time & Cents Consultants will be happy to continue to help you for as long as we are able!

Choosing Billing Software

Choosing Billing Software (PDF Download)
Billing your clients and knowing what they owe is essential to your cash flow. Choosing the right billing software for your firm is important. This article will help you get started with this decision.