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QuickBooks for Law Firms

Every QuickBooks user law firm should be aware of the the kinds of billing & accounting issues lawyers encounter in QuickBooks, and potential workarounds.
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QuickBooks for Law Firms – Part 2 Trust Transactions

Law Firm?

If you have reviewed the options and decided that QuickBooks is the right solution for your law firm billing and/or accounting this series of articles should help in the setup and use of QuickBooks.

In part 1, we looked at how to setup QuickBooks for your law firm. Part 2, looks at Trust transactions, a critical requirement in most firms. Trust accounts are audtied by the bar association and problems in the account are grounds for sanctions and disbarment. This makes it especially important to setup your account properly and use trust transactions approrpriately. This article is designed to help with that.

QuickBooks for Law Firms: Trust Transactions

Future articles will look at reports of trust transactions and accounts.