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QuickBooks Backup

No matter what programs you are running, backups are critical. Generally, the safest backups are those made directly by the backup program of the software and then those backups should be backed up offsite for extra protection.
Backups from the software program are more likely to be complete and accurate as they can take account of whether someone is logged in to the program.
But what do you do when your backup doesn’t work? If the program is QuickBooks, William Murphy has provided great insight into causes and fixes when it comes to QuickBooks backup. You can ready his complete article at Insightful Accountant – QuickBooks backup.

QuickBooks Tips and Tricks

Intuit has released QuickBooks Magazine Fall – Winter 2016 issue. It includes some great QuickBooks tips & tricks, including two provided by me. These are one fraud reductions and date shortcuts.
All of the tips & tricks can be viewed here.

Buyers Guide – Timekeeping and Billing Software

Assessing timekeeping and billing software? Sam Glover at has written an excellent Timekeeping and Billing Software Buyers Guide talking about features to consider and comparing a number of programs including Tab3, Timeslips, QuickBooks, Harvest, Bill4Time, Chrometa, eBillity and Timesolv.
While it doesn’t cover every program it is worth a review. After reading the article please contact us. We can help you decide what’s right for you and maybe identify other programs worth considering.

QuickBooks for Law Firms

Every QuickBooks user law firm should be aware of the the kinds of billing & accounting issues lawyers encounter in QuickBooks, and potential workarounds.
On January 28th at 2pm eastern time I will be presenting a free webinar, sponsored by CosmoLex.
Registration: Click here to sign up

Make QuickBooks Work for You

Did you know you can customize the QuickBooks toolbar to show reports you use frequently? Almost anything you can access in QuickBooks can be added to the toolbar. Think about where you click frequently and how you could save time, and wear and tear on your wrist, by reducing the clicks.
Read how to customize the toolbar to meet your needs in my article in Insightful Accountant.

TSheets – Capturing your Time

There are many applications that can capture time either stand-alone or integrated with QuickBooks and other products. TSheets is one such application. It can synchronize with QuickBooks Desktop (Windows) or QuickBooks Online. Alternatively, time can be exported to a csv file for import into your billing program.

Why might you, or your clients, use a  time tracking application? Read our review, written in partnership with William Murphy, Senior Editor at Intuitive Accountant. The article can be found at Intuitive Accountant-TSheets Review.

If you would like more information on TSheets, or other ways to improve your time capture and billing process, please contact us for a consultation.