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Time Matters v13 – Document Sharing

It is that time of year again; Halloween has passed and the holidays are upon us, and for many firms it is also upgrade or system change time as year-end is on fast approach.
One upgrade that your firm may be considering is upgrading to the new version 13 of Time Matters and Billing Matters. New features aside, there are several changes to support and system requirements that you should be aware of before your firm makes this change.
If you are a Billing Matters customer, you should be aware that the Accounting features of Billing Matters will be discontinued with version 13. For more information regarding this, please see the Billing Matters white paper

Time Matters Version 12 service pack 2 made several changes to compatibility, which also apply to Version 13. System requirements can be reviewed at this Time Matters v13 system requirements. It is also important to note changes in third Party software compatibility at the bottom of the article.

The most anticipated new feature of v13 is the addition of a Document Sharing Portal through a partnership between LexisNexis and WatchDox. Each user inside your Time Matters software can use their email address to create a account. This allows the Time Matters user to share any document that is inside their Time Matters Document Management System (aka that has been saved using the TMSave macros inside Office products and Adobe Acrobat). The WatchDox account is not a replacement for the Time Matters DMS, as each firm is limited to 5 GBs total WatchDox storage for the firm – but it is quick way to share, monitor and facilitate collaboration of documents between your Time Matters system and outside contacts.

All the new features of Time Matters/Billing Matters v13 are discussed in this web presentation by LexisNexis, and the new document sharing portal is also demonstrated.

As with any upgrade, make sure you have proper backups, IT representatives and your Certified Independent Consultant included in your preparation and upgrade. New potential “gotchas” include not migrating your Accounting data BEFORE you upgrade to version 13 as well as not being aware of no longer supported environments and software.

For more information, contact Caren Schwartz at, Kelly Jones at or your personal CIC.

Kelly Jones Bosch is a contributing author to this blog and is based out of Phoenix, AZ. She provides onsite and remote access consulting and assistance to her nation-wide consultant base and is President of BTF Services. She is proud member of the Premier consulting group Circle Management Group Consultants, and has been hired by LexisNexis on several occasions to speak on behalf of the Practice Management products and to train the technical support teams in Dayton, Toronto and Cary.

Software for Law Firms – Time Matters

If you have been following our series in Intuitive Accountant, our latest article has been posted. If you have identified your software needs to include billing and practice management, with QuickBooks for accounting, and you want powerful customization in your practice management, then you should consider Time Matters / Billing Matters from LexisNexis.

You can read this article at: Software for Law Firms – Time Matters

LexisNexis Certificate Expiration issues

LexisNexis has recently announced a warning about some error messages that may appear in PCLaw and Time. The messages are due to Certificate Expiration Issues and will not affect the functionality of your software or harm your data.

If you encounter these issues, you can use the steps below to resolve the issue, or you may call us for assistance. If you have a valid AMP, you can get technical assistance from LexisNexis.

As always, we at Time & Cents Consultants / 35*45 Consulting – Global will help all of our clients to the best of our ability and experience. Please call us for any help or if you need to upgrade your software.

Time Matters version 7 through 11.1:

Starting June 23, 2012, users of Time Matters versions 7 through 11.1 with integrations with Microsoft office 2003/2007 may get a message when opening Microsoft Office. The message, “macro cannot be found or has been disabled because of security settings”, is just annoying and has no impact on product function.

You can resolve the issue with the following options:

1) Click ok to close the message and disable the macro security settings. If you are running Time Matters version 7 or 8 you must use this option or upgrade your software.
2) Upgrade to TM 11.1 SP1 if you have an active AMP.
3) If you are running Time Matters version 9 through 11.1 a Certificate will be available from the Support Center

PCLaw version 8.10a/ 8.10b and 9.31a/9.31b:

On June 20, 2012, PC Law versions 8.10a/ 8.10b and 9.31a/9.31b may receive a message upon login to PCLaw. The message “Invalid PCLaw program files – Please reinstall” may prevent access to PCLaw. Please note that, despite what the message says REINSTALLATION WILL NOT RESOLVE THE ISSUE. This issue will impact very few customers as most users of these older versions have already installed the updates to fix the issue.

If you encounter this message, you may try the following options to resolve the issue.

1) Upgrade to PCLaw 12 if you have an active AMP.
2) If you use PCLaw 8.10a/8.10b, you can upgrade to 8.10c. This is no longer supported but is available to users.
3) For users of PCLaw 9.31a/b, upgrade to 9.31c
Again, users must have an active AMP to get technical support from LexisNexis, but we are always here and willing to support your software as best as we can.

Creating Labels using Time Matters

While holiday season is the most common time to do a mass mailing, you may also need to do this at other times. Whatever software you are using, there is generally a way to create address labels so that you don’t need to re-key data. In this series of blog posts, we show you how to create address labels using the different programs with which we work.

If you are using TIME MATTERS, you can create labels from any list, although generally you will be creating labels from the contact list. You can easily limit the labels based on specific criteria by filtering the list before you start.

1) Open the Contact List in Time Matters.
2) Tag the record(s) for which you would like to make mailing labels or, if you have filtered the list, choose CTRL-T to tag all records.
3) Click the Printer icon on the toolbar or CTRL-P
TimeMatters Labels1
4) Click on the Label tab – a list of defined label layouts will open
5) If you do not have an appropriate layout setup already:

a) Click on the Add button under the Format Tab to open the Label Format screen
b) Fill in the Description with a name that will work for you
c) Choose the appropriate Label Group and highlight the desired label format


d) From the Data Fields column on the right, choose the fields you would like to add. You can insert carriage returns and punctuation as appropriate. By clicking on the drop down next to Data Fields you can change to Special where you can choose to insert the date, a tab or the user.
e) You can click on Options to have Time Matters automatically remove lines that are blank when creating the labels. You can also be prompted to fill in fields that are blank. Backfill will automatically fill in Time Matters with the information you enter so that it is saved for the future.

f) When you are ready you can Preview the labels or Print them. Note the Printer button will allow you to choose which printer will be used.

Previewing of labels, prior to printing is highly recommended to verify that the fields chosen show as you expect. It is also recommended that you print one sheet to paper and hold it over your labels to make sure everything lines up correctly before you start.

If you need help in creating labels or setting your search criteria, please call us at 203-254-7736.