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Timeslips v2014 Service Release

While Timeslips v2014 has some great features, especially for those using the TAL Pro link, there were some issues. Now Sage has announced the release of Timeslips v2014 SR1.

If you use Timeslips v2014 you have probably been waiting for this service release. The Service Release and release notes are available at

If you have questions, or need assistance in installing the service release, please contact us at 203-254-7736 or caren at

Timeslips – Fixing Missing Toolbars – updated

Previously we have written about how to fix missing toolbars in Timeslips. The article can be found at This tip should also be used if screens or reports are not behaving the way you expect.

Since we wrote that article Sage has made some changes in Timeslips and in newer versions of Timeslips the path for the fix is slightly different.

Close all open windows in Sage Timeslips
Go to Setup – Preferences. If the Interface section is not expanded, please expand it.
Click on Appearance
Click on Restore All Dialog settings to their defaults
Click Yes and then OK to exit the Setup dialog

Another program is accessing your Sage Timeslips database in a way that prevents you from accessing it.

I often get calls asking how to fix this error in Timeslips. It’s not really a Timeslips problem per se, it’s really an issue of the path used to access the Timeslip.cfg file.
The most common causes of this message are:
1. Timeslips not installed properly to start with or was reinstalled with an incorrect path
2. A computer lost connectivity and the user received a message to locate the Timeslip.cfg file. When they did this they used a path that is different than what was originally used
3. Windows 7 – I have heard reports of Windows 7 seeming to change the path from one with a drive letter to UNC path (eg, \\server\apps\Timeslips).
4. Timeslips was installed on the server and TSTimer was installed. When the server was rebooted TSTimer started up and the path on the server is different than the workstations.
So, how you fix this….
First you need to identify the problem.
Check the server to make sure TSTimer is not running. If it is, change the preferences to make sure it doesn’t start automatically in the future. Then close TSTimer. You might want to also check MSConfig to make sure TSTimer is not set to autostart.
Next, on each workstation, one at a time, open Timeslips and go to help – about Timeslips. You will see an installation folder path and an application folder path. Make a note of the Installation folder. This needs to be the same on all computers, although the drive letter can be different. If you have computers running Windows 7 you should use UNC path names here (eg, \\Server\Applications\Timeslips\).
When you have identified the computer or computers that need to be “fixed”, close Timeslips and on that workstation go to Start – Programs – Timeslips – Station Administrator – Options – Change Install Path. Browse to the Timeslip.cfg file on the server using the path you noted above. When finished Ok your way out. Open Timeslips on that workstation and verify that the installation folder is now correct. Repeat on each workstation until they are all the same.
You should now be able to open Timeslips on all computers.

Timeslips v2013 and New Upgrade Policy

Many software programs release a new version every year. Sometimes this leads to a release focused on fixing problems and with few things that make us say, you should upgrade. Other years we get a program filled with new features. While some of the new features may not have everything we want, Timeslips 2013 offers a solid set of new features that offer benefits to most customers, along with an effort to fix historical problems.

My favorite new feature in Timeslips 2013 is the ability to prevent the entry of slips outside a date range. As a consultant I cannot count the number of times I have found firms that set a start and end date on their bills. While intuitively this may make sense, it can lead to a problem of slips entered outside the date range and never billed. I have seen thousands of dollars of old time written off because it was omitted and is now stale. While you can run reports to check on this it, prevention is better. With Timeslips v2013 you can restrict slip entry date and prevent timekeepers from entering slips for dates that are in the past.

Have you have ever entered a number of slips and then discovered they were duplicates or needed to be deleted for some other reason? You could delete them one by one or, if they were in sequence you could purge them. More often, you had to manually delete one at a time. With Timeslips v2013 this minor mistake will no longer be a major hassle. The new delete multiple slips capability will increase efficiency in handling this task.

Timeslips v2013 also offers a new calendar feature. Because it is all in Timeslips you can ensure that all calendar appointments are accounted for and billed. While the calendar does not synchronize with Outlook or mobile devices, it is a useful addition for many and an easy way to a shared office calendar – with the added benefit of easily knowing about missing time.

Attachment capabilities have also been added to Timeslips v2013. If you have files that have been scanned as PDFs or created as word documents you can attach them to invoices being submitted electronically. Additionally, you can now initiate a scan from the slip entry screen and attach a receipt to a slip which will later be billed. This can help significantly with expense tracking and submitting reimbursements to clients.

When one activity takes places do you always want a second slip created? For example when entering a slip for “appearance in court” do you also want a slip for “travel time”? Timeslips v2013 includes a slip trigger to start a new slip when a slip with a certain task is saved. This will help ensure capture of more time and expenses.

Other new features in Timeslips v2013 include:
Include slip notes on pre-bill worksheets to help with the billing process
• Calculate average days to pay to better forecast cash and to better understand your customers
• Set a relative date for custom fields. This is especially useful for those clients doing electronic billing and can remove the need to manually update these fields on each bill cycle
• When generating reports you can now create custom formulas on date fields, increasing the flexibility of reports
• Different predetermined price levels for expense items. At this time you cannot set a default expense price level for a client like you can with time, but the levels are there making it easier to make sure the right prices are charged
• Save paper when printing bills. If your printer has a duplex print capability, Timeslips can now take advantage of this functionality including the ability to set what should be on a new page when duplex printing.

It is also important to note that Sage has implemented a new upgrade policy. Effective October 1, 2012, upgrades will only be sold to those on a supported version of Timeslips. Supported is defined as the current version or two back. So, after October 1st if you are running older versions of Timeslips you will have to pay for a new license, instead of an upgrade. For a single license the additional cost is currently around $100 but this rises as the number of users increases. Whether or not we agree with the policy, Sage joins a growing number of companies requiring customers to “stay current” or face a penalty. If you are running an older version of Timeslips the new features available plus the policy change make this a good time to upgrade.

If you would like to learn more about Timeslips 2013 and whether you should upgrade, or have questions about the new policy, please call Caren at 203-254-7736. Remember we will assist you with any version of Timeslips and, if you choose to upgrade, we will make sure you get the best price.

Timeslips v2012 – Too Many Record Locks UPDATE

if you are running Timeslips v2012 and receive an error “Too Many Record Locks”, the first thing you should do is check what service release you are running. You can do this by going to Help – About Timeslips. You should see a number like
If you see any other number, you need to go to the Sage Timeslips website and get the latest service release. The service release can be found by going to Then click on Support – Product Updated.
Upon recognition of this problem Sage found a fix and posted an updated service release containing the fix. Kudo’s to Sage for this timely response to a non-emergency but annoying problem for Timeslips v2012 users.
Software bugs will probably never go away, but this was a very positive action by Sage.

Creating Labels Using Timeslips

While holiday season is the most common time to do a mass mailing, you may also need to do this at other times. Whatever software you are using, there is generally a way to create address labels so that you don’t need to re-key data. In this series of blog posts we show how to create address labels using the different programs with which we work.

Timeslips includes a report to print client labels using Avery 5160 or equivalent (3×10) format. If you want to create labels using a different format you will need to do some additional customization. You can contact us at 203-254-7736 for specific help with this.

1) From the top menu bar, click on Reports then choose Client then double click on Labels (or Mailing Labels depending on your version)
Note that if Labels / Mailing Labels is not listed on the client tab you will need to add it -click on the Plus sign and choose Add a specific standard report to the report list.

2) Select Clients using whatever criteria you would like (your Timeslips Certified Consultant can help you set up a Custom Field for this if you choose).
3) If you want the labels sorted in a particular way, click on the Sort Tab.
4) You can Print to Display to review the labels before printing to paper.

Previewing of labels, prior to printing is highly recommended to verify that the fields chosen show as you expect. It is also recommended that you print one sheet to paper and hold it over your labels to make sure everything lines up correctly before you start.

If you need help in creating labels or setting your search criteria, please call us at 203-254-7736.