Timeslips changes support policy – Important information for E-Center users

Timeslips has announced that effective August 1, 2017 they are changing their support policy. Previously, Sage provided support on the current version and two versions back. Effective August 1, 2017, they will only be supporting the current version and one back.
What does this mean to you? If you are using E-Center it means you will have to upgrade at least every other year as once a product goes off support it will no longer work with E-center. It also means that if you want to get support from Sage you have to upgrade every other year. Consultants, such as myself, will generally provide support regardless of version.
Your options are:
– Purchase an upgrade every other year at current prices
– Switch to Timeslips Premium. This is a subscription which includes support and all updates. However, if you choose to discontinue your subscription your database will become read-only. You can switch to a perpetual version at the current price.
– Purchase Sage Business Care. This option will provide updates to Sage Timeslips perpetual license version and give you support (the amount depends on the level purchased).
Unsure what to do? Please contact us and we can help you understand your options.

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