Timeslips leaves BDE behind

Timeslips has long been limited in capacity and performance by the Borland Database Engine on which it was dependent. A few years ago Sage addressed this by releasing a Firebird SQL version of Timeslips (Timeslips Premium) that removed the capacity restrictions and greatly improved performance in a network environment. However, many larger firms who would have benefited from this new version were reluctant to change since Timeslips Premium is a subscription offering. While this means it includes support and upgrades, it all means that if you stop paying the database becomes read only.

Timeslips BDE version continued to be offered for those that preferred a perpetual license. But the limitations remained and few new features were added.

Sage has now announced that there will not be a 2017 BDE version. Instead, effective with the 2017 release, there will be two Firebird SQL versions, a subscription version and a perpetual license version. The subscription version will continue to include support, upgrades and new features. The perpetual license version will have support available at an additional price and new features will be added when a new version is released each year. If you are on the perpetual license version and want the new features, you will purchase an upgrade. There may be some features that are available in the Premium version that are not in the perpetual license version.

Some feature s that are currently in Timeslips Premium that are expected to be included in Timeslips 2017 include redesigned budgeting and Accounts Receivable and Client Address Ghost Labels. The Quick Bill and Calculated field on invoices capabilities are planned to be only available in Timeslips Premium at this time.

Timeslips 2017 perpetual license version based on Firebird SQL is expected to be available in the June/July 2016 time frame. Timeslips BDE databases will automatically be converted to Firebird SQL on installation so that no data is lost. Pricing is not yet available. If you are interested in more information please contact me at caren@timeandcents.com or 203-254-7736.

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