Timeslips obsolescence policy change

Effective immediately, Sage has announced a change in the obsolescence policy for Timeslips. The new policy is quoted below. If you are running Timeslips v2013 this means that support will end in June. If you are using Timeslips e-center or merchant account you must be on a supported version of Timeslips.  If you would like information on upgrading please contact us for pricing. We will help you confirm system requirements and discuss options.

“The Sage Obsolescence Policy is to support the current Sage Timeslips product release and, unless otherwise indicated below, two prior releases of the Sage Timeslips product. Product support includes live customer support and compatibility with other add-on products or services offered, including connectivity with Sage Timeslips eCenter. Sage will only support an obsolete product until a customer’s support plan for that product expires. 

Sage Timeslips 2013 will remain a supported product until the end of the release month for Sage
Timeslips 2016 (June 2015). Any annual support plans purchased by customers for the Sage
Timeslips 2013 product before 6/30/2015 will be prorated and the product will be supported until
that support plan expires.

If you are using an obsolete version of Sage Timeslips, you are required to upgrade to the
current release in order to receive customer support and to ensure compliance with new
operating environments.”

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