Top 10 Challenges of QuickBooks for Law Firms

Recently I did a webinar, sponsored by Cosmolex on the Top 10 Challenges of QuickBooks for Law Firms.

Are you are a law firm currently using QuickBooks and wondering if Cosmolex, or something else would be better?

Are you thinking about using QuickBooks?

If so, you might benefit from watching this recording of the webinar. I review the top challenges and provide some suggestions on dealing with them in QuickBooks.
At the end Cosmolex shows how they deal with the issues. If you are not interested in Cosmolex you can just end your viewing. But, whether or not your are interested in Cosmolex, the webinar will help you understand the limitations of QuickBooks for law firms and make a more informed decision

The recording can be found at

Questions after viewing – please contact us for help.

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